Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sacramento Farmer's Market Schedule for all market lovers!

There is nothing I love more than waking up early, grabbing my canvas bags and a cup of coffee, and heading straight for the Farmer's Market! The aroma of fresh baked breads and pastries makes my mouth water. The sound of people haggling vendors for a good price on a pound of white capped mushrooms or bunch of basil gets me so excited I can hardly contain myself. My eyes widen as I am mesmerized by the colorful array of fresh produce spread out on a table ready to be bought, sauteed, and devoured! The entire experience just tickles my fancy. For all of those who share this love affair with the farmer's markets behold: The Sacramento Farmer's Market weekly schedule!

Every Saturday 8am-Noon~Sunrise Station (Folsom and Sunrise Blvds). Open all year.

Every Saturday 8am-Noon~Country Club Plaza (Watt and El Camino). Open all year.

Every Saturday 8am-Noon~Laguna Gateway Center (Laguna and Big Horn Blvds). Open all year.

Every Sunday 8am-Noon~State Parking Lot (8th and W Streets). Open all year.

Every Tuesday 10am-2pm~Roosevelt Park (9th and P Streets). May-Sept.

Every Tuesday 10am-2pm~Fremont Park (16th and P Streets). May-Sept.

Every Wednesday 10am-2pm~Chavez Plaza (10th and J Streets). May-Oct.

Every Wednesday 4pm-7pm~Elk Grove Regional Park (Elk Grove-Florin Rd). May-Aug.

Every Thursday 8am-Noon~Florin Sears Store (Florin and 65th St.). Open all year.

Every Thursday 10am-2pm~Downtown Plaza (4th and K Streets). May-Sept.

**Shhhhh! Sacramento's best hidden secret is the Southeast Asian Farmer's market at Broadway and 17th. It is every Saturday morning just a few blocks from the market at 8th and W. Here you can find the best farmer's market deals but beware, don't expect the vendors to be friendly and patrons are worse; they may grab a bag of onions right out from under you if you're not quick enough you will be SOL...however this market is the cheapest and the best! So good that haggling is a useless skill! Even as you walk away with a 3lb bag of red onions and 2lb bag of Chinese Broccoli, you'll think "How in the world did I just walk away with all this produce for only $2? How do these people make any profit?" I learned that the best way to go about it is to not ask questions. Just accept a cheap deal. And if you are there at the tail end of the morning, the already good deals get even better as the vendors just want to get rid of what they have and call it a day! So, shhhhh! Don't tell anyone about my dirty little secret! Go, get your good deal, enjoy this truly cultural experience, and tell me all about it later. Cash only, of course.**

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