Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DavePops: Another reason why I love local farmer's markets!

DavePops is a one man stand. A local inspiration. A food lover. A health nut. The creater of the most delicious summer treat I have ever encountered!

During my stroll through the park this afternoon, I decided to take another trip to the Wednesday afternoon farmer's market (that's 2 trips this week!). It was there that I encountered DavePops and his cute little popsicle stand. When I think of popsicles I think about how they are an iconic symbol of childhood. They leave your taste buds with a true feeling of nostaligia. From otter pops and push pops to twin pops and cream-sicles, for me, the memories of eating them, enjoying them, and letting them melt all over your play clothes are just as nostaligic as the Cabbage Patch Kids, New Kids on the Block, and Goonies.

When first approaching his cute little stand, I was immediately captured by the colorful rainbow umbrella above his freezer stand, Dave's long hair and great big mustache, and the huge smiles of people walking away and licking the sides of their newly acquired frozen treat. Dave himself was friendly, jubilant, and had an undeniable love and passion for his pops. All of his pops are handmade and organic. His DavePops were unbelieveably creamy and smooth in texture yet subltly sweet and succulent in taste. I had the lemon lime DavePop which was creamier than an ice cream sundae! I had to inquire about his secret and he responded with one word: Pectin. This is an all natural ingredient found in fruits like bananas. Hence the reason why the addition of frozen bananas make smooothies so smooth and creamy! All DavePops have simple wholesome ingredients that include whole fruit, soy milk or water based juices/pops, pectin, and sugar. A simple recipe for a simple and delicious treat!

He also developed LukePops, named after his nephew who recently developed Diabetes. All LukePops are sugar free and are instead made with splenda. So as you can see, he has made something for everybody!

So I tribute this blog to Dave of DavePops and thank you for treating me to the most delicious summer treat in Sacramento! I look forward to seeing you at future community events and markets and trying all of your flavors! Buon Appetit to a summer of fun, sun, & DavePops!

For more informaton click on this link to the DavePops website:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sacramento Farmer's Market Schedule for all market lovers!

There is nothing I love more than waking up early, grabbing my canvas bags and a cup of coffee, and heading straight for the Farmer's Market! The aroma of fresh baked breads and pastries makes my mouth water. The sound of people haggling vendors for a good price on a pound of white capped mushrooms or bunch of basil gets me so excited I can hardly contain myself. My eyes widen as I am mesmerized by the colorful array of fresh produce spread out on a table ready to be bought, sauteed, and devoured! The entire experience just tickles my fancy. For all of those who share this love affair with the farmer's markets behold: The Sacramento Farmer's Market weekly schedule!

Every Saturday 8am-Noon~Sunrise Station (Folsom and Sunrise Blvds). Open all year.

Every Saturday 8am-Noon~Country Club Plaza (Watt and El Camino). Open all year.

Every Saturday 8am-Noon~Laguna Gateway Center (Laguna and Big Horn Blvds). Open all year.

Every Sunday 8am-Noon~State Parking Lot (8th and W Streets). Open all year.

Every Tuesday 10am-2pm~Roosevelt Park (9th and P Streets). May-Sept.

Every Tuesday 10am-2pm~Fremont Park (16th and P Streets). May-Sept.

Every Wednesday 10am-2pm~Chavez Plaza (10th and J Streets). May-Oct.

Every Wednesday 4pm-7pm~Elk Grove Regional Park (Elk Grove-Florin Rd). May-Aug.

Every Thursday 8am-Noon~Florin Sears Store (Florin and 65th St.). Open all year.

Every Thursday 10am-2pm~Downtown Plaza (4th and K Streets). May-Sept.

**Shhhhh! Sacramento's best hidden secret is the Southeast Asian Farmer's market at Broadway and 17th. It is every Saturday morning just a few blocks from the market at 8th and W. Here you can find the best farmer's market deals but beware, don't expect the vendors to be friendly and patrons are worse; they may grab a bag of onions right out from under you if you're not quick enough you will be SOL...however this market is the cheapest and the best! So good that haggling is a useless skill! Even as you walk away with a 3lb bag of red onions and 2lb bag of Chinese Broccoli, you'll think "How in the world did I just walk away with all this produce for only $2? How do these people make any profit?" I learned that the best way to go about it is to not ask questions. Just accept a cheap deal. And if you are there at the tail end of the morning, the already good deals get even better as the vendors just want to get rid of what they have and call it a day! So, shhhhh! Don't tell anyone about my dirty little secret! Go, get your good deal, enjoy this truly cultural experience, and tell me all about it later. Cash only, of course.**

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jean Rosenfeld's 65th Birthday Brunch~ July 4th, 2010

Custom designed Delish menus.

My pre-event Farmer's Market spread!

Fresh market produce and fresh baked bread from the Sacramento Baking Company!

Fresh bruschetta on artisan sourdough bread. All ingredients in this dish came straight from the Farmer's Market that morning!

A Delish signature dish!

These Thai shrimp spring rolls smile for their close up!

It's summer time and tis the season for fresh raspberries!

Raspberry Almond Cake makes her debut yet again!

Spinach and Beet salad with all the fixin's!

Veggie and Cheese Summer Frittata Cups! Fresh from the Farmer's Market to the banquet table!

Jean's Jewish background inspired me to add these traditional Latkes to the menu!

Who's hungry?

Guests help themselves to a colorful summer feast!

The full spread!

Rona & Deborah requested the same cake I made at Rachel's Bridal Shower: Raspberry and Almond Scented White Cake.

Delish Boutique Catering presents…

Jean Rosenfeld’s Birthday Brunch Menu

Spinach salad with beets, goat cheese, and a lite lemon & shallot vinaigrette dressing

Tomato basil bruschetta baked on a sourdough baguette

Veggie & Cheese Summer Frittata

Potato Pancakes~ Latkes

Shrimp & Tofu Thai Spring rolls with a spicy garlic peanut sauce

Raspberry and Almond Infused White Cake

Lakeisha & Trevor's Wedding Reception~ June 25, 2010

Trevor & LaKeisha’s
Wedding Reception Menu

Thai Spring Rolls w/ Spicy Peanut Garlic Chili Sauce

Chicken Wing Bar w/ variety of dipping sauces

Smoked Mozarella and Sun Dried Tomato Phyllo Cigars

Pomme Frittes Bar w/ variety of dipping sauces

Crunchy Macaroni and Cheese Bites

Garden Party buttercream frosting and vanilla scented cupcakes